Welcome!  We look forward to meeting you!  

I'm New - and I have Questions!


  • What is it like? You will be welcomed at the door prior to the 10:30 am Sunday service by a friendly greeter who will be happy to meet you. They will chat with you and show you to the seating for the service.  COVID changes - a list of attendees is maintained and masking is required.
  • What about my kids?  Children are welcome. We have a great childrn's room, but at this time there is no children's program.  
  • Where do I park? Parking is on the grounds to the west side of the building.  If necessary, street parking is allowed.
  • What do I wear?  Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  Some dress casually in jeans and others wear their "Sunday Best". Your choice.
  • How can I get connected? You may attend in person or send an email to unityoflondon@hotmail.com.  There are always smaller groups that are meeting for various events. These are a great way to Get Connected and meet others in the community. 

Want to join on Zoom instead?  10:30 am Sundays

Zoom link